Rooftop Tampak Depan

What is ROOFTOP®?

Atap Dingin ROOFTOP® is the first uPVC, double wall corrugated roofing profile in Indonesia since 2004. With more than 13 years experience in the local as well as global market, Atap Dingin ROOFTOP® has been proven to be the best and most trusted brand for uPVC roof. Atap Dingin ROOFTOP® is produced locally by PT. Sumber Djaja Perkasa, a plastic manufacturing company based in Sidoarjo that has been established since 1965.

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ROOFTOP® Benefits

Outstanding Heat Insulation Property
Will Never Corrode
Exceptionally Strong, Sturdy, and Durable
Excellent Noise Insulation Property
Superb Resistance Against Chemical
Long Warranty 15 Years