ROOFTOP® C-SERIES was introduced to be the solution for everyone who wanted to enjoy the benefits of uPVC roofing, but at more affordable price point.

C-Series is the best roofing investment for your canopy, carport, garage, terrace, or other similar roofing application needs.
Equipped with 12 years warranty, you will be able to save repair cost and no longer need to worry about replacing your roof every several years.

Rooftop C Series Leading uPVC Roofing Product Attractive Price Point

ROOFTOP® C-SERIES is produced using high quality uPVC material and provides virtually all benefits of uPVC roof at a friendly price point.
Excellent heat reduction, rustproof, easy installation, good noise insulation, durable and many other benefits make C-Series the right investment for your roofing needs.

With more than 15 years of experience in the Indonesian market, ROOFTOP® product have proven quality, which will also applies to C-Series product line. C-Series comes with a 12 years warranty.

Performance Strong and Durable


uPVC plastics are well known to be a material that are not easily flammable or combustible. Furthermore, uPVC typically will not burn once the source of heat or flame is removed, hence it will not spread fire easily.

This is due to uPVC having more than 50% chlorine in its composition. Chlorine is one of the few elements that confers good fire properties to polymer (plastic).

Therefore, uPVC plastic material have a natural non-flammability and self-extinguishing ability when the source of heat or flame is removed.

Does Not Easily Spread Fire
Does Not Easily Spread Fire

Excellent Resistance Against Acid & Chemical Substance

In addition to not being easily combustible, uPVC plastic is also known to have an excellent resistance against the majority of acid, base and other chemical substances.
This helps in ensuring uPVC not get corroded overtime and hence, have a very long lifespan.

Excellent Heat Reduction Ability

uPVC plastic, the main material of ROOFTOP® C-Series have a low heat conductivity, therefore it will not transfer or absorb heat easily.

The addition of high quality anti-UV additive embedded inside each roofing sheets also helps in reducing sun's UV ray and heat.

Double wall, corrugated roofing profile design and the air gap in between the double wall profile further maximizes the heat reduction ability, resulting in a cooler room ambiance without the need of additional insulation.

Excellent Noise Insulation Ability

The plastic material and air gap in between the double wall profile provides an excellent noise insulation ability.

ROOFTOP® C-Series can reduce noise of up to 28 db, which is effective in reducing rain and other noise.

Fast and Easy Installation

ROOFTOP® C-series is easier to install compared to conventional roofing (metal, asbestos, etc). Due to its profile rigidity, applicators can safely walk on top of the roof during installation.*

It also has a precise interlocking system to ensure easy and accurate connection between each roofing sheets, which further speeds up the installation and can save labor cost.

*Maximum purlin distance recommended is 1,2 m


Overall Width:


Effective Width:

770mm (after overlap)


4/5/6/7 M*


High Performance uPVC with UV Protection


Top surface white
Bottom surface light grey*

Roof Pitch:


Purlin Spacing:



Opaque (Solid Color)

Overall Thickness:



4.2kg/m' or 5.45kg/m2

* Minimum order quantity applies
** Recommended

ROOFTOP® C-SERIES Comparison Table



Diameter: 32 mm
Color: White

Roofseal® is our innovative screw fastener product designed to replace the traditional rubber ring found in self drilling screw (SDS).

Roofseal® is made of the same material as ROOFTOP® and thus it can withstand the sun's heat and UV radiation without any worry of becoming brittle or cracking overtime.

ED 70

Dimension: 70 x 70 mm
Thickness: 2 mm
Length: 6 M
Color: White

ED 70 adds a finishing touch to your canopy by concealing the edge of the roof profile installed. Do note however that a distance between the air gap and ED 70 is required in order to maximize the heat reduction ability of the roof.

Ensure that ED 70 does not fully touch and hence close the air gap of the roof profile.

With ED 70, your canopy will have a sleeker and more minimalist appearance.

Ensure the Authenticity of your ROOFTOP®! Imitated by Many,
Duplicated by None

Ensure That

Check the Laser Printed Logo and Code (Either Old Logo or Current Logo) On the Side of Every ROOFTOP®'s Profile Sheet
Check the Design and the Precision of the Interlock System
Check Whether It Can handle Weight Without Cracking / Breaking


Preparing the Purlin

Prepare the Purlin:

- Ensure the purlin is in a straight and flat condition.

- Draw a straight line before installing the roof.

- The minimum recommended roof pitch are 10°.

- The maximum distance between the first purlin from the truss' midpoint is maximum of 10 cm (recommended).

ROOFTOP C-Series Installation®

- Install ROOFTOP® C-Series by using the precise interlocking system to connect between each sheet.

Installing ROOFSEAL & SDS (Self Drilling Screw)

- Install ROOFSEAL® and SDS completely in order from top to bottom (from point 1,2,3 and so on) as illustrated on the picture above.

- Remove the rubber seal / ring located in each SDS and replace it with ROOFSEAL (1 M² requires 4 SDS & 4 ROOFSEAL®)

Arched Roof Installation
ED70 Profile Installation

- Position ED70 profile at the edge of the installed ROOFTOP®

- Leave a gap of 20-25 mm (2-2,5 cm) from the edge of ROOFTOP to ensure that air can still flow through the cavity.

- Fasten ED70 profile using SDS 30 mm (3 cm) and ROOFSEAL with an interval of every 0,82 m.

- Ensure that SDS and ROOFSEAL are fastened on the "peak" part of the roof, not on the "valley" part.